Random Thoughts September 2006

In early August the Tigers had the best record in baseball and a 10 game lead over the second place team in their division. Since that time they’ve looked like the Tigers I’ve known for the last 13 years. They’ve lost roughly two-thirds of their games and have a mere half game lead over the Twins. It’s getting harder to wear my Tiger hat in public.  

Steven has no problem falling asleep in my arms. It doesn’t matter how fussy or upset he is, there’s something about me holding him he finds comforting enough to fall asleep quickly. For some reason, I’m the only person who he’ll let rock him to sleep.


This September is unusually cold. It’s rained for three straight days and this morning there were snow flurries on my way to work. I’m crossing my fingers the weather returns to normal. Winter is my least favorite season.


Marathon Girl was feeling sick the other day so after I came home from work, I took the boys on a run with me. Pushing the double-wide, I managed to clock eight minutes a mile which is only slightly slower to my average pace when I run alone. I really need to push myself harder in the mornings.


Marathon Girl is convinced our running together as a couple has sparked a neighborhood trend. Whereas you never saw couples running together when we first moved here, you see that all the time now – many have even bought running strollers so they can take their kids with them.


Aidan sure knows how to get on my good side. The other day he came up to me, squeezed my arm and said, “Big muscles, Daddy!”


Aidan had his cast removed on Wednesday. He sure seems happier now that he can use both arms.


The little girl growing inside Marathon Girl is way more active than Aidan or Steven.


Yes, we have a name picked out for her but aren’t sharing it until after she’s born.


Doing a one hour radio show five days a week is both exhilarating and exhausting. Writing is also exhilarating and exhausting.


I have some great news about my book but can’t make any official announcements right now. Stay tuned.