Random Thoughts July 2007

When I tell people they’d make a good politician, sometimes they take it as a complement. It’s not. Why do people insist on bringing their cell phones in the work out area of the gym? I really don’t want to hear about how awful your ex-spouse is while I’m working out.

Sometimes I think I’d be a better parent if kids came with some sort of instruction manual.

After years of watching the Tigers languish near the bottom of baseball’s power rankings, it’s nice to see them consistently ranked in the top five.

Why is it when someone is an expert in one field, they think that makes them an expert in everything else?

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing books is deciding which of the three or four that are constantly bouncing around your head is the one you want to write.

Nice clothes, a fancy car, and a big house may give someone the appearance of success, but the real measurement of success is not what you wear, drive, or live but what you actually produce.

Michael Connelly is one of the best writers in America. Too bad the literary snobs of the world won’t give him a read. They’re missing out.

As much as I love politics, I’m really sad that the presidential election has started as early as it has. I could get burned out on it long before it comes time to vote in the primaries.

The only thing worse than having one sick child, is having two sick children. Thankfully I don’t know what it’s like (yet) to have three sick children.

We haven’t had any measurable precipitation in over six weeks. It’s time like this I wished I lived in the Seattle area.

You know it’s hot outside when you never seem to cool down from your run no matter how cold of a shower you took.

I’ve gone to the pool more this summer than in the last 10 years combined.

Talking about fixing a problem is easy. Taking action to actually solve it is difficult.

I love reading to my kids.

If I could have anything in the world right now, I’d ask for a comfortable couch to lie on, a good book to read, and ask that all my other pressing deadlines simply go away.