Random Thoughts December 2006

The amount of hospital security in the labor and delivery/newborn sections of the hospital is amazing – even if you’re one of the parents. I’m grateful for it but at the same time, getting in and out of the place felt like trying to visit someone in jail. I love the way newborn babies smell. Like a new car smell, it lasts several months before going away.

Trying to type 50+ words per minute and hold a newborn baby in your arms is possible so long as the baby doesn’t squirm too much.

Molly looks just like Marathon Girl when she was a baby.

The final draft of my book manuscript weights two pounds, fifteen ounces.

Though I don’t care for Super Bowl halftime shows, I thought the NFL usually does a good job of lining up some decent music. But Prince? What are the people at NFL headquarters thinking?

The thing I was looking forward to most this winter was taking Aidan sledding for the first time. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to have a snow storm that’s dumped more than one inch of snow on the ground making it, for now, impossible.

Why does Wal-Mart always so crowded? You can show up at six in the morning and find the store packed with shoppers and long lines at the cash registers.

It’s interesting that different names have different connotations in different parts of the country. Nixtress mentioned that she liked the name Emma but where she lives it’s considered too Amish. In Utah the name Emma is quite popular as it has some historical connotations with the LDS Church.

I always wanted to have a kid named Ethan but had three friends that named their kids Ethan long before my oldest boy was even a thought in my mind.

I need to finish my Christmas shopping soon. Only 12 shopping days left.