Q&A with Abel: The Detroit Tigers

Q: It’s been forever since you’ve blogged about the Detroit Tigers. Are you still a fan even after their disappointing World Series loss last October? A: Of course! I still follow the Tigers and will always be a fan.

Q: Then how come you haven’t blogged about them recently.

A: I only have so much time to blog and just haven’t had much time to write about them yet.

Q: So what’s your opinion of this year’s team?

A: They’ve been inconsistent. I man they take a series from division leading Angels, then get swept by the Indians and lose a series to the Devil Rays of all teams. I’m glad they have a winning record but they don’t seem to be playing quite to the level they were last year. They shouldn’t have any problems with a team like Tampa Bay.

Q: Do you think they’ll make the playoffs?

A: Yes, but mostly because teams like the Yankees that are a usual playoff lock are faltering. (Ha ha ha!) Also the Indians seem to be

Q: What’s the weakest part of their team?

A: Middle relief. Their starters are solid and Todd Jones can be counted on to close out the game. It’s what happens between where the problems begin.

Q: Will you blog about them more in the future?

A: Count on it.

Q: You’ve never given us an update about Marathon Girl’s injury. Is she still running The Dam Marathon?

A: That has nothing to do with the Tigers. And, yes, I do have an update on her injury but can’t write about it quite yet. Look for an update early next week.