Now I'm It

Responding to Lisa’s tag... Three things that scare me: • The Ring movie • Those who blindly follow others • Media hysteria

Three people who make me laugh: • The Marx Brothers • My kids • Jon

Three things I love: • Writing • Reading • Running

Three things I hate: • Wasting time • Watching TV (except LOST) • Going a day without exercising

Three things I don't understand: • Why people go on killing sprees • Why it takes the state so damn long to build new roads or fix existing ones. • Hypocrites

Three things on my desk: • A stack of unread books • The latest issue of The New Yorker • Photos of my wife and kids

Three things I'm doing right now: • Blogging (duh) • Drinking lemonade • Writing a speech I’m giving Thrusday night

Three things I want to do before I die: • See my kids grow up and have kids • Publish all the novels that are bouncing around in my head • Meet Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clearance Thomas

Three things I can do: • Keep up with Marathon Girl on short runs • Ghostwrite books, essays, etc. • Read all day without getting tired

Three things I can't do: • Throw away books • Summersaults • Draw

Three things (or people) I think you should listen to: • Thomas Sowell • Matt Drudge • Books on tape (for long drives)

Three things (or people) you should never listen to: • Don Imus • Celebrities • Global Warming activists

Three things I'd like to learn: • Spanish (it’s more useful than Bulgarian) • How to cook Chinese food • How to change my car’s oil

Three favorite foods: • Meditranian Pizza • Marathon Girl’s fried chicken • Wheaties

Three shows I watched as a kid: • Battlestar Galactica • Alf • Knight Rider

Three things I regret: • This will all be detailed in my book, Room for Two.

Three people I tag:

• Mrs. Ronk • Scott • Jon