More about that new job

I started blogging in 2000 -- about a year before my first wife died. My first blog was political in nature. (I'm not going to give out the blog's URL, but the curious can find it from this page in about four clicks of the mouse.) My blog consisted of whatever political insights I could type up during my lunch breaks at work. Though few people read it, I enjoyed writing political commentary. After my first wife died, I tried to keep the political blog going, but my passion for politics was gone. So I ended my political blog and started my widower blog.

It took several years for my interest in politics to be rekindled but eventually I became just as passionate about it as I was before the first wife died. (This took a little bit of adjusting on Marathon Girl's part for while we were dating and the first year we were married, I discussed politics very little.)

Occasionally a political post or two has made its way into this blog, though I've done my best to keep my political opinions off of this website as the main goal of this site is not political in nature. (That being said, there's enough of my personal views in my Suicide Survivor article and other pieces I've posted on this site that it would be easy to guess what direction I lean politically.)

So why am I writing about this?

Back in January I mentioned I took a new job and I mentioned that it was my dream job and I'd provide more information about it later.

Well, here's more information: my new job duties include writing political commentary. If you want to read what I write, click here.

Unless the topic is related to the message of this blog in some way, it's my intent to keep political commentary separate from this website since it serves a non-political purpose and audience. But for those who want to check up on my political writings, I've added a "My Political Writings" link under the Must Read sidebar of the blog. I've also updated my bio with links too. If anyone does want to discuss politics with me, I would rather keep it off these pages, but you can always send me an email.

Look for a regular, non-political post in the next day or two.