LOST: The Brig


*** Spoiler Alert ***

Many, many episodes ago Marathon Girl made the connection that Locke’s father was the same person who was responsible for swindling Sawyer’s parents. (She has a talent for connecting the stories on LOST. I am envious.) So the big surprise in last night’s episode of LOST didn’t come as a big shock to either of us. Despite the fact we knew what was coming from the moment the episode started, it was still one of the better episodes this season.

What made the episode so great is that Locke finally reached that transformation he (and viewers) have been yearning for since LOST began. Locke’s wanted to be a leader and do things to help people. Unfortunately, he always seems to be suckered into other people’s con games. He’s the one other people use to accomplish their selfish means. We’ve always wanted Locke to overcome because it’s been painful at times to watch him fail time and time again.

Finally, Locke was able to reverse the situation. He was able to get Sawyer (the island’s con man, of all people) to do something he couldn’t do himself. When Sawyer killed his father Locke not only got his father out of his life but proved to himself that he doesn’t have to be the sucker anymore. Locke’s transformation was similar to what Hurley went through earlier this season when he realized he wasn’t a big bad luck charm. (The big difference begin that Hurley’s transformation was funny and lighthearted. Locke’s was dark and disturbing.)

And now Locke’s headed back to the Others to take on Ben – the island’s other great manipulator. The mind games they’re going to play on each other are going to be fun to watch. Let’s hope Locke comes out the victor.

Locke and Cooper