LOST: Par Avion

Thoughts on this week’s episode of LOST. *** Spoiler Alert ***

I wasn’t too surprised that Jack’s father also turned out to be Claire’s dad. Once the nurse said there was an American doctor in her room, I was pretty sure that’s who was going to be waiting there.

The bigger question that brings up, however, is how interconnected the lives of all the characters really are. (You can go to ABC’s website and find a great tool that shows who’s connected to who.) There have been several episodes that have hinted that the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 were brought there for a reason. I wouldn’t be surprised that when the show draws to a close we learn that many of them were brought to the island on purpose. Before Mikhail (eye patch guy) was shoved into the security fence by Locke (more on him in a minute), he showed that he knew quite a bit about Syaid, Kate, and Locke. Maybe that mysterious leader wanted some of them on the island for a reason.

I loved it Claire’s flashback. How many of us swear we aren’t going to turn out like our parents yet find ourselves as we get older doing some of the same stupid things they did. Clair ends up becoming pregnant and unwed – just like her mom. Only Clair seems to have learned a little bit from her mother’s experience and informs her comatose mother that she’s giving the baby up for adoption.

Claire also shows a very human element that most of us go through when someone we love dies or is otherwise hurt. Who hasn’t felt guilty for something the said to a loved one or a way they treated them. I appreciate the writers making all of the characters on the show seem real and showing the ramifications of the good and bad choices that they make.

As for Locke, he really seems to be flying off the handle. I think his actions are because he doesn’t want people to leave the island. I think he’s afraid that if he’s forced to leave or the island is discovered by outsiders, his paralysis will return. I’m really looking forward to learning how he ended up in that wheelchair next week. I’m also willing to bet he uses the C-4 to blow up the Others’ submarine we’ve heard so much about over the last two episodes. I really think he doesn’t want anyone to leave the island.