LOST: One of Us

For all those who have been complaining about LOST not giving any answers to some of the mysteries surrounding the Others and the Island, I hope you watched last night episode. *** Spoiler Alert ***

Last night we learned more about the Others, why they’re taking children and are interested on some of the castaways, a possible reason why Claire was “kidnapped,”  how they (used to) communicate with the outside world and how they know so much about the passengers.

Don’t start complaining that it raised even more questions than it answered. Be patient. In the remaining episodes this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see many more long-standing questions answered while other mysteries are opened. Save your complaints until season three is over.

Even though Juliet seems to be working with Ben to deceive Jack and the other passengers of flight 815, I’m not convinced she’s completely aligned with them. She’s wanted to get off the island for years and Ben hasn’t let her. I think she’s following along with them because she believes Ben will find a way to get her off the island – something she’s wanted to do for three years. One of the things her flashback illustrated is how important getting of the rock is to her. Don’t be surprised if she opens up to Jack and fills him in a little on what is really going on if she sees that as the best way to get her off the island. Her loyalty lies with those who can help her the most.

I’m wondering if the “incident” Roseau referred to back in Season 1 has to do something with women on the island not being able to carry their pregnancy to term. Ben said he was born on the island so we can assume that at some point women could safely carry their babies to term. Maybe the mysterious Dharma Initiative did something that messed with the island’s mysterious properties. Of course the real question is what are the Others going to do with Sun once they find out she’s pregnant?

Finally, interesting that the Others seem to have different names for some of the passengers. Juliet refers to Kate as “Austin” when she’s talking about their plan to infiltrate the survivors. (This isn’t the first time they’ve done this.) Anyone have any theories as to why?

Also of interest is when Juliet told Sayid he’d kill her if he knew what she knew. Many of the Others, when caught, have preferred death to captivity. Makes you wonder what’s really going on.