LOST Is Back

LOST was sure a fun to watch last night. It was nice to have a somewhat light hearted moment before heading off into more serious territory next week. What made the episode great was watching the transformation of the Hurley character from someone who thought he was cursed to someone who now believes he makes his own luck. When he was driving around in his van I couldn’t help but smile and feel good that he had arrived at such a conclusion. Hurley’s flashbacks were a perfect to not only understanding his character better but realize just what a big change this was for him. (Side note: When Hurley was standing outside of Mr. Clucks I told Marathon Girl that it was going to be destroyed by a meteorite. Hurley alluded to that in the first or second season. More proof, Jon, that the writers plan things out in way in advance.)

Hurley transformation stood in stark contrast to Sawyer who despite winning Kate’s heart on the other island, turned back to his selfish, egotistical self and was unable butter up an apology. Despite being given opportunities to be better, some people never change. Hopefully Sawyer will come around.

I’m curious as to whether or not we’ll see a Rousseau flashback next week. There’s probably a season worth of flashbacks they could do from her years on the island and a great story to tell about her and how he ended up losing her child to the Others. From the previews I’m betting we get a Locke flashback. Looks like he has a decision to make on whether or not to push another button.