*** Spoiler Alert ***

Did anyone really thing that Sun was carrying someone other than Jin’s baby? If women who conceive off the island live, then where’s the tension about wondering when Sun’s going to die? And having viewers wonder what’s going to happen to Sun is much more dramatic then seeing how Jin would react to Sun telling him that the baby wasn’t his. Now the writers have something they can tease not only through the end of this season but probably through most of Season 4 too.

Sun and Jin’s flashbacks are still my favorite. To me their relationship has the most depth and emotion off all characters on the island. They could do a whole spin-off series on them before they came to the island which I think would be absolutely fascinating. The writers do a great job making their characters real and believable.

In an episode that was full of three twists, I think the biggest one was the fact that Mikhail (eye patch guy) was still alive. Maybe he knew the sonic barrier wouldn’t kill him and that was part of the reason he thanked Locke for pushing him into it. Now that I think about it, his body wasn’t lying around when Kate and Juliet fended off the smoke monster a couple of episodes back. (And speaking of the smoke monster, Vickie asked a couple weeks ago why the smoke monster couldn’t just go over the sonic barrier fence. If you listen to the official LOST podcast from April 16 the executive producers hint that the smoke monster can’t leave the ground through they didn’t explain any more than that.)

In any case I think the eye patch guy is going to play a major role in future episodes. And I have a good idea where he was going at the end of the episode. While helping save Naomi’s (the parachute lady) life she said something that Mikhail incorrectly translated at “Thank you for saving my life.” According to one source she was speaking Portuguese with a Brazilian accent really saying “I am not alone” or “I’m not the only one.” Dollars for doughnuts he’s off to find the other person who was accompanying her. (Penny, perhaps?)

As for why she believes no one survived Oceanic flight 815 – well that’s a puzzle I’d really like to know the answer.

Season 3 is getting better and better. I’m really looking forward to the remaining episodes.