It's a Home Depot Christmas (Tree)

Never thought I'd buy a Christmas tree from The Home Depot. But that's what we did Friday afternoon. With the exception of last year (when I chopped down my own tree), I've always bought Christmas trees from some guy selling them in a lot. I never really liked doing it that way. There was something about those guys that reminded me of used car salesmen. The trees in the lots seem expensive and I for the most part, I've never been impressed with the quality of the trees. Then there's problem of transporting the tree. Marathon Girl and I don't have a minivan or truck that would be useful in transporting Christmas trees. I was fretting about tying the tree to the top of the car or smashing the branches to make it fit in our truck.

So Friday we went tree hunting. By chance we happened to drive by Home Depot and Marathon Girl noticed they were selling trees. Despite the less than perfect experiences I've had buying trees from the normal places, I was hesitant to check them out. Who buys their tree from Home Depot? No one I know. Until Friday, I didn't even know they sold Christmas trees.

Much to my surprise, the trees they sold were really good. The were fresh, full, and came in a variety of sizes. In vive minutes we had found the perfect tree for way less than we were planning on spending. If our Christmas tree buying experience had ended there, I would have been happy.

But it got better.

One of the employees made a fresh cut to the bottom of the tree then ran it through this netting machine that snuggled all the branches together so it would fit in our truck. We were in and out of the store in ten minutes. It took less than thirty seconds to fit the tree in our trunk. After taking the tree home we cut the netting and the tree looked just like it did in the store. So instead of being happy with the Christmas tree we bought, I was thrilled. Unless we have the chance to cut our own, I'll more than likely go back and buy one next year.

The best part about the Christmas tree, however, was Aidan's reaction. He seemed a little mystified at Hope Depot that we were buying a tree and putting it in the car. Once we got it home and set up in the stand (without lights) he was thrilled. He ran up to the tree and pointed at it and said "WOW!"

Now it's his favorite object in the house. We put lights and ornaments on the tree last night and he things the tree is even cooler. This morning the first thing he did was run to the tree, point to it and say "Tree! Tree! Tree!"

He can't get enough of it.

And Marathon Girl and I can't get enough of him being excited.

So far the holiday season is off to a great start.