It Finally Warmed Up!

There’s nothing harder than running when temperatures are below freezing. For the last month Utah has been in a deep freeze and daytime highs have rarely risen past the 32 degree mark. When I run in the mornings temperatures have usually been around zero and my body never really seems to warm up – even after a long, hot shower. It doesn’t help that I have little to no fat on my body either.

Yesterday the temperatures finally broke the freezing barrier as temperatures shot up to nearly 50 degrees. Marathon Girl said her six mile afternoon run felt wonderful to not have to spend the first half of her run trying to warm up. It made it easier for her concentrate on speed and technique.

We’re hoping the warm weather stays as we’d like to take the kids on a run with us Saturday. It would be good for them to spend more time outside now that it’s warmer. I think long overdue trip to the park is in order.