Inevitable Changes

Life is about change. People change for better or worse. Jobs come and go. Eighty degree temperatures and clear skies can be replaced the next day by cold and rain.  A change this weekend has left me feeling a little blue. Yesterday was the last day teaching Sunday school to the teenagers at church. Next week I’ll be involved in a more recordkeeping/administrative part of the church.   Teaching those teens has been the highlight of my Sundays for the last two years. I’ve enjoyed preparing lessons and teaching them for an hour each week. I’ve been blessed to have good, smart kids who make teaching not only fun a great learning experience as well.   Change is an inevitable part of life but it’s how we deal with changes that’s important. This new opportunity will give me the chance to use some existing skills that I have and learn some new ones as well.

Next Sunday will be the start of a new adventure. I’m looking forward to it.