Global Warming: We're all going to die!

An article in the latest issue of Nature states that the planet's air has become much cleaner over the last two decades. You'd think this would be good news. After all we all know how global warming works. Sunlight comes to our planet and gets trapped in all the nasty man-made pollution and bounces around and heats the planet. Right? This is what's been drilled into our mind since the environmentalists told us this was a big deal.

Well, apparently more solar energy arriving on the ground will heat the Earth's surface and add to global warming.

Which way is it?

Let's be honest here. We have a hard enough time knowing what the weather is going to be like 10 days from now. Weather is so incredibly complex that we don't have the ability to know whether the plant's recent warming is due to 1) man 2) a natural warming trend 3) the sun, 4) all of the above or 5) none of the above.

But I don't want the global warming enthusiast to lose hope. I'll be doing my part this weekend to aid their cause. I'm going do drive several hundred miles in a Hummer, let my lawnmower idle in the yard, and burn all the plastic I can get my hands on.