Cactus or Finger?

I can't believe how much national press this local story is receiving.

A vent cover on the side of a house looks like it might be a rude hand gesture. Then again, it might be a cactus, abstract art-style. It depends if you're the owner or a neighbor.

"This kind of shows the attitude that we've been dealing with all along," said neighbor Stan Torgersen, who sees it as a hand giving the finger, visible from all his back windows.

The local news won't even show the entire vents in question without blurring the image. They have shown parts of it, however, and it's actually quite funny when you see what the guy has done. (You can see a photo of it here.)

Marathon Girl and I both had a good laugh when we first saw this story on TV a few days back and both sympathize with the man whose building his house. His neighbors seem to be unreasonable and act like cry babies now that their view of the mountains are blocked. Perhaps they should ask themselves whose view of the mountains their homes are blocking.