Book FAQ

Q: Who is the audience of Room for Two? A: Room for Two is written for a general audience. You don’t have to be a widow, widower or even have lost a loved one to enjoy it. If you’re a fan of narrative non-fiction, like reading about true life experiences, or just enjoy a good love story, Room for Two is for you.

Q: When exactly is your book coming out?

A: This fall. I haven’t been informed of a specific release date, yet. As soon as I know of one, I’ll post that information on my website.

Q: I’ve read your old blog and love it. Is Room for Two just more detailed entries from your blog?

A: No. About 90 percent of Room for Two are stories and experiences I’ve never publicly disclosed before. Reading my old blog will give you a general idea of some events and the overall story but you won’t learn about some of the experiences I deemed to personal to tell at that time. You’ll also learn a lot more about my late wife, Marathon Girl, and about my pre-engagement relationship with Marathon Girl and some of the issues we dealt with that’s only been briefly touched on both on this website and my old blog.

Q: If I buy a copy of your book and mail it to you, will you sign it?

A: I’m currently looking for an inexpensive, secure online store solution so those want to can purchase personalized copies of Room for Two. I have a couple of things that might work but I’m not 100 percent thrilled with what I’ve found so far. If anyone has any online store suggestions, please email me.

Q: Are you writing other books?

A: Yes. I have a work of fiction I hope to have completed before Room for Two comes out this fall. If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll probably get a sneak peak this summer of what I’m working on.