Another Exciting Episode of LOST

LOST was absolutely thrilling last night. ***Spoiler Warning***

It was finally nice to have a character on the show, Sayid, ask direct questions to one of the Others on the island. Though Mikhail (eye patch guy) lied about who he was, I’m willing to bet a lot of the info he gave Sayid about submarine and the history of the Others was accurate. I also thought Sayid’s flashback was fitting for the episode because it gave a concrete reason why he decided not to kill Mikhail (eye patch guy) and let him live awhile longer.

Sayid has become the most important character on the show because it will probably be through him that a lot of the questions about the Others will be answered. He’s seems to be the only one willing to ask direct questions to other people but well versed in getting people to tell him things.

Though some think otherwise, I’m not convinced that Locke knew the farmhouse was going to explode after he entered the buttons in the computer. He didn’t go to the passageways below and see the explosives and Sayid and Kate failed to mention them to him. He was acting too casual as he and Kate left the building. I think he thought pushing the buttons would send out a distress signal or something. The explosion seemed to surprise him as much as everyone else.

Did anyone see if Kate put the Dharma Initiative Operations manual and Food Drop Protocol book in her backpack?

Though I can’t take credit for this, those numbers (4-8-15-16-23-42) came up again in the episode. Locke had to push the numbers 3 and 8 for mainland communication. 15 + 23 = 38. Locke had to push 7-7 if the station had been invaded by the hostiles. 4 + 8 + 23 + 42 = 77 also 4 + 15 + 16 + 42 = 77. (I know. I’m sounding a lot like the Jim Carrey’s character in the movie The Number 23)

Finally, if anyone wants a translation of the Russian Ms. Klugh and Mikhail spoke to each other before she was shot, you can find it here (scroll down to the bottom of the page). No really enlightening other than it begs the question why she felt the need to die after being captured.