An Open Letter to Jim Leyland

Dear Jim Leyland, I have a problem.

It's the middle of June and I find myself still interested in baseball. The Tigers have the best record in the American League! It's like its 1984 all over again. (I was nine at the time so you'll have to forgive me I don't remember much about that year other than people had big hair.)

Your winning ways puts me in a bit of a pickle. Tiger fans aren't used to rooting for a winning team. For us baseball season ends about mid-May when the Tigers find themselves about 20 games back of every other team in baseball. This allows us to enjoy the rest of our summer without checking the sports page every day to see who the Tigers beat up last night or talking in our sleep about how great those Tigers are.

Have you considered the millions of hours or productivity that are being lost as Tiger fans gather around the water cooler to talk about their latest victory. (Well, maybe not millions of hours. Last time I checked there were only about 150 Tiger fans though I hear another 10 are jumping on the bandwagon just to be popular.)

For people like me, this whole winning thing is really stressful. I was hoping that you could put my fears to rest by telling me how fast the team will collapse around, say, mid-August. That way I can go back to my lazy summers where baseball and the Detroit Tigers possibly reaching the playoffs are the last things on my mind.


The only Tiger fan in Utah,