A Harry Potter Confession

Another confession, if you will. I've never read a Harry Potter book. (But I have enjoyed the movies.)

No, it doesn't have anything to do with my literary snobbishness. Nor is it because I think that Harry Potter books promote witchcraft. (They don't.) I've just never bothered reading them.

Which is odd considering how much I love to read.

Admittedly part of the reason I've held off so long is just to see people's faces when they learn I've never even opened the cover of one. I might as well be telling them I'm from Mars or have gills and live in a swimming pool.

But I've read so many good things about this latest book, I'm this close to breaking down and starting the series.

Marathon Girl loves the books and says I'm missing out. And when it comes to books, her judgment is usually right on the money.

I have most of next week off work. Marathon Girl and I are going camping with her family and there will be lots of time to read.

Maybe it will be a good time to finally dive in to Harry Potter.