Getting Back to Normal and Naming Molly

Things are finally settling down at the Keogh household. The addition of Molly and having sick boys has been a lot of work. The good news is that the boys are on the upswing, Molly is sleeping better at night, and Marathon Girl is recovering well from labor and delivery. Despite a very busy schedule and little or no sleep I’ve been so incredibly happy the last week. It is so wonderful to have a little girl to hold in my arms. It’s been something I’ve wanted for so long and it feels so nice to have a girl who can grip my finger, smile, and nuzzle her face into my chest. I love Molly so much. I’m glad she arrived healthy and well.


Several people asked how we came up with the name Molly. It’s actually one of Marathon Girl’s favorite girl names. And since I didn’t have any objections to the name (i.e., I didn’t know anyone named Molly that I associated negatively with the name, the name wasn’t overly popular, etc.) I was okay with it. We've had the name in the cooker for a long time and would have named one of our first two children Molly if either of them had been a girl. I even wrote a poem titled To Aidan or Molly four years ago in the waiting room of the doctor's office -- right before we found out our first child was a boy. (I just realized I haven't posted this poem on my website yet. I'll have to see if I can find it.)