The Rain Does Not Fall In Spain

I’m actually glad game four of the World Series was rained out last night. First, I think the Tigers could use the break to regroup and come out fighting. The rain delayed game during their series with the Yankees turned out to be just what they needed. Second, thanks to an early winter storm, we have several inches of snow on the ground. There’s something about wrong about watching baseball and having snow on the ground. Football I can watch with snow. It at least needs to be somewhat warm for me to enjoy baseball.

Third, I could watch LOST without having to worry about missing anything exciting on the game. And nice to see that last week’s episode was just a fluke as far as being a snoozer. This week’s episode was very strong. My thoughts about it are as follows (stop reading if you don’t want to be surprised):

  • Like I asserted at the beginning of the season, the Others are masters of interrogation techniques. Ben may have told Sawyer he was merely conning him, but they really know what they’re doing when they’re trying to get info from Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Ben accurately told Sawyer is wasn’t the (phony) pacemaker that kept him in line but his concern and feelings for Kate. And the used the blaring horns so Jack didn’t know that Kate and Sawyer were alright. And having Ben pretending to kill the rabbit to scare Sawyer into thinking the pacemaker was great.
  • I really enjoyed the Sawyer flashback. As many problems as the guy has, we see that he still cares deeply for others (especially Kate), even if he has a hard time admitting it or expressing it publicly.
  • I’m not sure what to make of the second island thing. Wondering if it’s real or they’re just tricking Sawyer again.

Looking forward to next week's episode.