Massacre on West Capitol and LOST

My radio show co-host Jon posted a short movie on YouTube titled Massacre on West Capitol that’s pretty much typifies his sense of humor. (Jon’s the guy wearing the bathrobe that is killed in the bathtub. And, no, I’m not giving anything away by saying that.) You can watch it here.


Some thoughts on last night’s episode of LOST (don’t read unless you want to know what happened):

  • Finally! Instead of just eluding to the second polar bear, we finally get to see it (albeit for a few seconds). What was up with the skeleton wearing the Dharma Initiative t-shirt in the polar bear’s cave? Maybe their animal experiments got the best of them. And we’ve seen brief flashes that there’s some other strange animal life on the island.
  • Had mixed reaction to Locke’s flashback. Most of his past life seems to involve him being used to further the agenda of other people that gain his confidence.  Okay, we get it already. Locke feels like a sucker. I already knew that! Are we building to one big decision Locke is going to have to make based on his past experiences? There better be a good payoff to this because last night his flashbacks bored me. I find it interesting, however, that he’s never shown doing the same job twice. (He’s worked in a toy store, as a home inspector, a gun runner, etc.)
  • I’m glad the writer’s are brining in the island as a character again. I’ve always thought it was the more intriguing than just about anyone else on the island.
  • I found it kind of creepy that Desmond knew about Locke’s speech before he gave it. It made me think he was traveling backwards in time ala Merlyn in T.H.White’s The Once and Future King. Of course that’s not possible but that’s what crossed my mind as he was throwing rocks in the ocean at the end of the episode.
  • Poor Hurley. Once again he’s the character no one else on the island cares much about.

Looking forward to next week’s episode as they head back to Kate, Sawyer, Jack, and the Others.