Snow, Baseball, and LOST

Can you believe the affect global warming has on baseball? See, all that carbon dioxide we pump in the atmosphere causes the Earth to heat up. That means fans attending game three of the Tigers – A’s game today should be wearing shorts, t-shirts, and getting second degree burns from the heat. What happens instead? They move the game to an afternoon time because of cold and snow. If anything it sounds like we need to be pumping more of those greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Did I mention I’m glad I don’t live in Michigan right now? At least in Utah we try to keep winter at bay until late November.


Well the last episode of LOST blew a lot of theories I came up with last week out of the water.

(If you read beyond this point, you might read some spoilers and plot details. Stop now if you don’t want to know anything about the episode. You’ve been warned.)

  • Apparently the Others are better connected to the outside world than I thought. Maybe they do know everything (or a lot, anyway) about the island’s passengers Adding that little tidbit about the 2004 Red Sox wining the series was a nice touch.
  • It’s about time someone gave Kate a big kiss. I mean 60 some-odd days on an island and no one does it until now? Personally I think Kate and Sawyer would be a better match than Kate and Jack.
  • I really enjoy watching the flashbacks Sun and Jin’s relationship. Even though they’re sometimes more minor characters on the show, they writers have gone to great lengths to add great depth to them. I also admire their commitment and determination to make their marriage work despite mistakes they’ve both made earlier in their marriage.
  • For being a former Republican Guard, Sayid sure made a stupid decision by setting up an ambush on the beach. (There’s more than one way to get to the boat Sayid.) Even I saw that the others would come by water before Sayid came up with his master plan. Couldn’t the writers have at least made Sayid have a plan that might have had a tiny chance at succeeding?
  • Anyone have any thoughts as if to there’s going to be an long-term ramifications from Sun shooting one of the others?
  • Found it interesting that Ben said he’d been on the island his entire life. Not sure really what to make of this other than maybe they really are the good guys in some way. I’ll have to think about this more.