Tigers Thump Yankees!

Friday nights I usually take Marathon Girl (and the kids, if we don’t have a babysitter) out for dinner. This Friday was no different and after dinner we ran some much needed errands so I missed the Tigers 6-0 victory over the Yankees. Not a big deal. I caught enough of it on the radio as we were driving around that it appeared the Tigers were firmly in control of the game. The fact that the Tigers won, however, made this afternoon’s game all the more interesting. I was able to see all of that one and what a game it was. The Tigers looked like a championship team as they thumped the Bronx Bombers 8-3 and advance to the ALCS.

Their victory was even sweeter since not only did they beat the Yankees, they made the Yankees $200 million dollar payroll look like a bunch of minor league punks.

Look for the Tigers to beat the A’s in six games and advance to their first World Series in 22 years!

Tigers Rock!