2006 Awards

It’s time to hand out the best and worst awards for 2006. Best Movie: 2006 was a bad year for movies. I can’t think of one that knocked my socks off. There were a lot of movies I wanted to see but never had a chance to. Maybe when some of them arrive on video I’ll find one that I really like. But there were several good movies that I enjoyed. They are: World Trade Center, The Lake House, and Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

Worst Movie: Lady in the Water. This movie was disappointing in every possible way and having my favorite filmmaker responsible for making it was like rubbing salt in the wound. Do better next time Mr. Shyamalan. Honorable mention: Superman Returns.

Favorite fiction book read this year: The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly. Connelly is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. This book, about a defense lawyer, is a break from his Harry Bosch novels, but enjoyable to read. I really enjoyed the complexity of the main character Mickey Haller. Honorable mention: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Neffengger and Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman.

Favorite non-fiction book read this year: Conquests and Cultures by Thomas Sowell. Sowell does a great job of showing the roll of cultural evolution in economic, social, and political development. Well researched and written and not the least bit boring. I’m looking forward to reading some of his economic books this year.

Favorite political columnist (aside from myself): Orson Scott Card. Though I don’t always agree with him, Card is at least honest and thought provoking in his beliefs. Card’s columns are a refreshing change from those who simply regurgitate Republican or Democrat talking points. Honorable mention: Peggy Noonan.

Best blog (aside from my own): Hit Coffee. His unique perspective and clear, concise always make it an enjoyable read.

Best blogger that I met in person: Chicago Jo. She ran the Salt Lake Marathon in June. Marathon Girl and I enjoyed having dinner with her and getting to know her better. She’s just as cool in real life as she is in her blog.

Best podcast: Extra Life Radio. You don’t have to be into video games to enjoy this podcast. These guys are really funny.

Favorite TV show: LOST. Did anyone really expect me to pick something else?

Best game: LOST: The Game. I got this game for Christmas and will have a full review of it in the next couple of weeks. This game is hard to learn but hours of fun once you understand the rules. Stay tuned.

Best Chinese restaurant that no one has ever heard of: Rice King Express. Food is good, the portions are perfect, and also very affordable (a plus when you have two boys that eat like there’s no tomorrow). I recommend Mongolian beef. Marathon Girl loves the pon pon chicken.

Best Italian restaurant: Ottavio’s. Took Marathon Girl there for her birthday and we were both impressed with the food and its quality.

Best sports moment: The Detroit Tigers post their first winning season in 13 years and make it to the World Series.

Worst sports moment: The Detroit Tigers lose the World Series to the lowly St. Louis Cardinals.

Favorite magazine to read: The New Yorker. Aside from their fiction (usually pretentious and boring) most of the content in The New Yorker is enjoyable to read. Honorable mention: Sports Illustrated.

The New Year’s resolution I had the hardest time keeping: Not drinking any carbonation. Yeah, you’d think it would be easy considering how little pop I drink. But I did make it all the way until September. This year I’ll do better.

The other New Year’s resolution I had the hardest time keeping: Benching my weight. I flatten out at about 80-85 percent of my body weight every year. Maybe I need to get a trainer or something to get me over the hill. This year I’ll do it!

Best moment of 2006: Having Molly come into the world alive and well. So glad she’s part of our family. Honorable mention: Finishing my book.

Worst moment of 2006: Can’t really think of any. This has been a great year! I’m looking forward to 2007!