Weekend Photographs: The Third Party

Thanks to all those who came to The Thrid party. It was so much fun to see and talk to all of you, and celebrate the release of my first novel. Photos of the fun below.

Started the party off with a big bang. Hopefully this will accelerate global warming.

A mixed reaction to the initial fire plume.

Everyone liked the fire since temperatures were in the high 40s. It was a great way to keep warm.

The post popular thing with the kids was the hayride.

Adults liked it too.

Me reading a chapter from The Third.

The kids would rather watch the fire then listen to me read from The Third. (Can't say I blame them.)

But everyone seemed to have a good time....

...especially the kids.

Weekend Photograph: Write Here in Ephraim

OK, it's not techincally the weekend, but I might as well post a couple of photos from the Write Here in Ephraim writing conference. I had a great time teaching my memoir writing workshop as well as hanging out with a bunch of author friends and talking to many potential authors.

Just some of the fun auhtors that were part of this event include (back row) Clint Johnson, Bernin Stevens, Cheri Chesley, Michael Young, Jewel Adams, Heather Justesen, Me, Rebecca Talley, Tristi Pinkston (front frow) Linda Gardner, Shirley Bahlmann, Joan Sowards, and Karen Hoover

Me in the middle of my memoir writing presentation.

Weekend Photograph: When Books Commit Suicide

I know, I know. These Weekend Photograph posts are susposed to contain origional photos of mine. But I'm without Internet access this weekend and had to schedule something to post at the last minute. I saw the following on author David J. West's blog last week and it cracked me up. Next week I'll post something origional which will not only be cool but explain why I went three whole days without a computer or Internet access. Promise!

Weekend Photograph: Bulgaria, January 1997

An anti-governmnet demonstration, Sofia, Bulgaria, January 1997

The recent unrest in the Middle East has made me think back to Bulgaria. The first year I was there, the economy started collapsing. By January 1997 the country was faced with triple-digit inflation and food shortages; Bulgarians reached their breaking point. Mass demonstrations broke out and the people called for early elections. Though there was some minor violence when the demonstrations first stared, for the most part it was peaceful. The unrest went on about a month before the socialist government finally caved in.

It was an interesting time to live in Sofia. Watching people peacefully take their country back was something I'll never forget and a reminder that a government can only exist so long as the majority of people are willing to recognize its authority.