Bulgarian Music from Авеню

Years ago when I lived in Bulgaria, the most popular music group was a band called Авеню (pronounced Avenue). I sent a couple of tapes and CDs (yes, it was that long ago) of their music home and much to my surprise my then girlfriend and family liked the music. I lost track of the group after I returned to the States. A few years ago, much to my surprise, I found they had a channel on YouTube and had produced a lot of music over the years. A couple days ago, they released another album and posted one song from that album on their YouTube channel.

Seeing how I've never mentioned this band before, I thought I'd post some of their more recent music videos for those who are interested in hearing music from other countries. Most of the music, if sung in English, would probably find its way to an American soft rock station. Even if you can't understand the word, maybe you'll enjoy the music.

Songs That Make Me Feel Old

I just found out Adam Sandler's origional Chanukah song was originally performed back in 1994. I knew the first performance was from the 1990's but for some reason I thought it was from the latter half of the decade. Knowing that the song was performed 16 years ago makes me feel old but not as old as I'll feel when I'll hear the song 10 years from now and my kids will ask me who David Lee Roth, Arthur Fonzarelli, O.J. Simpson, and Rod Carew are.