Holiday Random Thoughts 2008

Happy Holidays 2008

The gym I go to gave me an early Christmas present: The decided not to put those annoying TV monitors on all the treadmills!

Seeing Santa Claus in person still scares my two oldest kids to death.

All Marathon Girl wants for Christmas is for the baby to come.

At the store the other day I came this close to buying a CD of Christmas songs sung by Elvis for Marathon Girl and the kids. Maybe next year.

I find myself wishing some creative songwriter will come up with a new but memorable holiday songs. I’m tired of the old ones.

My kids’ favorite holiday activity is driving around and looking at all the holiday lights on the houses. They get such a kick out of it, I really enjoy driving them around.

It amazes me when I hear unemployed people quoted in news stories saying they’re taking the holidays off from job hunting because “companies don’t hire in December.” Uh, yeah they do. I interviewed for and was offered my last two jobs in December. And even though these are challenging economic times, there are still lots of companies who have positions that need to be filled January 1. By not looking for work in December, you’re digging yourself in a bigger hole.

Some of my best holiday memories are from white elephant parties.

My kids love playing in the snow. Makes me wonder if they’ll be upset when we eventually move to Houston and only see a dusting of snow every four years or so.

For the first time in my life, I’m working for an employer that has Boxing Day as one if it’s official, paid holidays. Now I’ll see if I’ve actually been missing out on anything all these years.

Since I have to burn my unused vacation time before the end of the year, I’m taking A LOT of time off work over the holidays I’m going to use it to finish my latest novel, watch season 4 of LOST on DVD, and play with my kids.

I hope all of my readers have a happy, safe Holiday season. Look for my Best of 2008 column next week then I’ll see you all in 2009!