LOST: Through the Looking Glass

Note (05/29/08): If you're looking for the Jeremy Bantham (also spelled Jeremy Bentham) refrence, scroll down to comment number six. My friend Jon called it a year ago!

I can't think of any time a television show has left me speechless. However, after the season finale of LOST last night, I don't know what to say.

Don't misunderstand. I LOVED the episode. If anything the finale proved that LOST is the best damn show in the history of television and I'm anxiously awaiting season four.

*** Major Spoiler Warning ***

But seriously, a flash forward to where Jack is miserable, his ex-wife is pregnant with another man's child, someone connected to the island (I think so, anyway) is dead, and Jack wants to return to the island.

Yeah, the clues that this was a flash-forward were all over the place, weren't they. Jack was wearing contemporary sunglasses and using a modern cell phone, he was sprawled out in a room full of maps of the Pacific Ocean, and flying on Oceanic Airlines with a glimpse of the Los Angeles Times with a headline from April of this year. But most everyone didn't catch that, did they. Instead we were trying to piece together when in Jack's past this was taking place so we were ignoring the obvious clues.

I was listening to the official podcast a couple weeks ago where and Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were talking about knowing the show would end in 2010. One of the things they said was that now that they knew how many episodes were left, they could create a beautiful tapestry that would not only answer all the show's mysteries but would show us who the charters would become in the future. I think that little clue was lost (no pun intended) on just about everyone. I think we can look for more flash-forwards in upcoming episodes next season.

So most of the Others are dead and a "escue boat" is on it's way to the island. The good news is that at least Kate and Jack will be rescued at some point. The bad news is that for one of them, that may not have been the best thing.