Wednesday night Marathon Girl and I are in bed reading when the house starts shaking and something that sounds like a large truck barreling down the street fills the house. Even though it's late that it was a large construction truck barreling down the main road (a common occurrence with all the new homes going up nearby) we go back to our books. About 30 seconds later the same thing happens. This time we look at each other and wonder what is going on. I get online to see if anyone else has felt the shaking. Twitter starts to light up from people in our area who felt it. People in neighborhood groups on Facebook are saying the same thing. Everyone concludes an earthquake has just taken place.

There's only one problem: the US Geological Survey never recorded an earthquake during that time. And, days later, no one seems to know what caused the two tremors despite the fact that everyone felt them.

Baring any scientific explanation, I can only think of one other thing that might be the source of the tremors.

If anyone has alternate theories, let me know. :-)