Join the Dharma Initiative

Dharma Initiative

Admit it. You’ve wanted to join the Dharma Initiative since you saw that first grainy movie back on the first season of LOST. Well, now you can.

Not sure what, exactly, ABC is doing with this, but I signed up anyway to fill that LOST void. If anyone else takes the recruitment test, you’ll have to let me know if some of the images and “answers” freak you out a little.

Join here.

Who the Boat People Are

Here's my prediction for tonight's episode of LOST. Those people on the boat, who we all know aren't there to rescue the survivors of Oceanic flight 815, are really part of the Dharma Initiative. My theory is that after the Others killed everyone on the island, the Dharma Initiative people back in the real world couldn't find the island again and have been searching ever since. Once they find it their plan is to kill whoever they find on the island and re-establish their research projects.

Anyone have other ideas?