Random Thoughts July 2009

Random Thoughts

Why spend millions of dollars to build a new grocery store if you’re not going to install some of those self checkout machines? I love those things when I’m in a hurry and only need to buy a handful of items.

It’s annoying standing behind people in line at the store who still write checks. Please upgrade to a debit card!

I’m still amazed that people I haven’t communicated with for a decade or more manage to find me on Facebook. What on earth makes them decide to look me up?

It’s been nice to have about a month off from personal writing. I’m actually making a dent in the pile of books on my nightstand.

If I could be a fictional character, I'd be Jack Reacher. Joe Pike is a close second.

Best books read so far this year: Sea Changes by Gail Graham and LA Requiem by Robert Crais. I’ll probably add Nothing to Lose by Lee Child once I finish it.

I’m struggling to come up with a title for my just completed novel. Maybe as the edits come back from my editor it will spark an idea.

I bet Twitter’s has outlived its usefulness by this time next year.

The city of Ogden is Utah’s reality check.

I always enjoy reading Mark Cuban’s blog. His honesty is refreshing. Now if only those Mavericks of his could win an NBA title.

The older I get, the more annoyed I am with sports “reporting.” It’s not so much reporting as it pointless speculation.

Money in and of itself may not be evil, but it sure is interesting to see what it does to people.

It’s also interesting to watch how a modicum of success can lead to wild jealously in others – even close friends.

If it wasn’t so dark and cold in the winter, I wouldn’t mind living in Alaska.

I still enjoy running with Marathon Girl when the chance arises. I just wish it would happen more often.