You Love Me! You Really, Really Love Me!

Arte y Pico award

Both Ali and Lisa gave me the Arte y Pico award – an award for creativity, interesting material, contributions to the blogging community, and killer biceps. (Okay, I made the last one up even though I do have them.) Both nominations took me by complete surprise so I didn’t have time to prepare an acceptance speech where I thank my agent (don’t have one – yet), webmaster (that would be me), editor (uh.....), publicist (I'm taking applications), and my wife (the lovely Marathon Girl).

Anyway, upon acceptance of this award, apparently I’m supposed to nominate five other people I think deserve it, post some rules, and other things. (This reminds me of some great viral marketing. I think I’ll have to come up with a Keogh award and start giving it out – just to see what happens!)

Here are my five nominations. (What? Only five? And Ali and Lisa, you would have been included on this list but since you already have one….)

Land of Lauralot. Laura only posts about once a week but her posts are funny, insightful and always worth reading. I think she works for the Utah Arts Council. • Fresnel Media – Ember is a tenacious reporter and always works to get the best story. If I ever have another radio show, I want her to produce it for me or, at the very least, do a lot of investigative reporting for the show. • Jon – He’s a creative geek. Check out his movie commentary podcasts. They’re great. • Sean Keogh – my brother who’s hard at work composing musicals in New York City. I expect to see at least one of them on Broadway one day. • Chicago Jo – Always worth reading about her busy life. She’s a great writer too. Her latest post on wedding rings is great.

So there you have it.