McDonalds: Four Bucks is Dumb

McDonalds: Four Bucks is Dumb

Whoever came up with McDonalds latest ad campaigns was a genius.

The message is perfect for these challenging economic times and by launching it in Starbucks’ home turf, it has generated the right kind of controversy.

And all the free press their ads are generating has just taken their campaign national at no cost to them.

Way to go!

Update: One of my readers asked for more details on why I like the ad campaing so much. Here's why.

First it drives home a message of getting the same or better product for less money – perfect for these challenging economic times we find ourselves in. McDonald’s isn’t saying do without, they’re simply saying pay less for it.

Second, it’s the perfect billboard message. When you have about three seconds to capture someone’s attention while they’re driving, McDonalds got their message across and leaves the reader a little bit more to chew on as the drive down the road.

Third, the ads are so good, they’re getting national publicity and driving home McDonald’s message beyond western Washington.