Super Tuesday

Democrat Republican

I’ve never voted in a presidential primary before.

I’ve always voted in state and local primaries but never for president.

The main reason has been that the presidential candidate has been decided long before Utah had its say. So when the time came to cast a presidential ballot it felt rather pointless.

Not this year.

This year it’s actually been a race for candidates from both political parties. This is good as it seems to have generated a lot of interest in the election – a good thing for the country, in my opinion.

Instead of letting a handful of early primary states decide, it looks like the race for president could extend well beyond today for both the Democrat and Republican nominees.

To make it even more exciting Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Mitt Romney all are solid candidates and all have a good chance at becoming our next president so interest from both Democrats and Republicans are high.

On my way home from work this evening, I’ll be stopping by the local elementary school to vote. And even though my candidate probably won’t win Utah, it still feels good to actually partipate in an election with such high voter interest.

Oh, and if want to see which candidate, best reflects your views, be sure to take the Electoral Compass test. It got mixed reviews from readers of this blog, but it matched me up perfectly with my candidate of choice.