My 2012 Election Prediction

I prefer to make election predictions the day before Election Day as both sides tend to throw in last minute shenanigans to upset the other party's apple cart. However, since I'll be nowhere near a voting booth on Tuesday and will have limited access to the Internet for the next week, I'm making it today. (And, yes, I already voted.) As per the map below I've got Romney squeaking into the Oval Office with 277 electoral votes to Obama's 262. I also predict Romney getting just above 50.1% of the vote to Obama's 49.4% with the remaining 0.5% going to wacko, third party candidates.

Also, this post isn't intended to make a political statement. Just throwing out my guess. I did guess the winner in 2008 though I underestimated the extent of Obama's election victory. No matter who wins, I hope the winning side is gracious in their victory and the losing side won't weep, wail and gnash their teeth about the world coming to an end.

Feel free to make your own guesses in the comments below though please refrain from any partisan bickering. This is all about guessing the winner not beating up the other side.

Election 2012 Prediction