LOST: Whatever Happened, Happened

Lost: Whatever Happened, Happened

If you could go back in time and kill Hitler before he began his rise to power, would you? LOST tried to answer that hypothetical question last night. Only instead of killing Hitler, the question is what whether or not to let young Benjamin Linus live and risk letting him grow up to be the most ruthless and cunning person that we all love to hate.

I liked seeing just how much the main characters have changed from the beginning of the show. Sawyer and Kate who were the two of the most selfish, self-centered characters at the beginning of the show are now the ones trying to save Ben. And Jack, the doctor who took an oath to do no harm, refused to help. (I’m really starting to hate Jack. Get over your daddy issues, already! They’re nothing compared to what young Ben has to deal with.)

The back story with Kate and Aaron was touching. I actually felt the decision to leave Aaron and go back to the island was a tough one for Kate. In past episodes it’s seemed like Kate was too big on being a mom but it was nice to see that leaving Aaron was a tough and heart wrenching decision for her.

And kudos to the writers for using Hurley and Miles to explain the time travel rules of the LOST universe. Their “geek” conversation was similar to one a coworker and I last week trying to unravel how the time issues worked. It’s nice to know that just because Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and the rest of the gang are back in 1977, they can still die because the past is their present. At least they gave us a reason young Ben can’t remember getting shot by Sayid or hanging around with Sawyer.

The big mosaic that is LOST finally feels like it’s slowly coming together. It seems like every episode answers questions and fills in a piece of the puzzle. And next week’s all about Ben. I’m really looking forward to learning more about what turned Ben into such a monster.