LOST: This Place is Death

LOST: This Place Is Death

Did the writers really have to kill Charlotte so soon? I was hoping to learn more about her first. A series of flashbacks would have been nice. You know, something that would give the viewer more of sense of why she was so determined to find the island again and why her mom took her off the island again. Instead all we get is this story about how she grew up on the island and how Faraday may have warned her as kid not to come back. Since the writers have generally done a good job fleshing out even minor characters in the past, I was a little disappointed that we never got a really good sense of who Charlotte was. Who was her father, after all? Hopefully they don’t take out the Ghostbusters before we can learn a little more about him.

But learning more about the smoke monster was cool – even if Rousseau told us way back in Season 1 that it was a security system. At least we know that it’s guarding the temple now. And the temple seems to be the last structure on the island that we haven’t seen yet and it was the place that Ben told the Others to flee for safety. I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

Even though I was left wanting when it comes to Rousseau’s story, it was nice to see them tie up the story she told Sayid back in Season 1 about her lover, Robert, not noticing the firing pin was missing on the gun. (Remember when Sayid pointed the rifle at her and pulled the trigger only to have it not fire?) And now we got to see it. Little tie-ins like that really make me appreciate the detail the writers adhere to when writing this show. Of course we need to know more about why the heck happened to those guys that made Rousseau think they were “infected.” Hopefully we get to see more of Rousseau’s story before the wrap up the show.

And isn’t Ben just a killer character. The more he manipulates people, the more I can’t stand the guy. But he really is becoming the central character since his actions seem to determine the what everyone else does. I just hope he gets what’s coming to him by the time the show comes to an end next year.