LOST: The Other Woman

LOST: The Other Woman

I’m still a little stunned how much the latest episode of LOST revealed. We learned that Charles Whidmore is the owner of the boat looking for the island (not a big surprise), Ben loves Juliet and will find a way to eliminate any man that loves her (watch out, Jack!), the whispers are somehow related to the ability of the Others to appear and disappear (this has been hinted at but never fully shown until now), and that Ben was apparently trying to release the gas and kill everyone on the island (or so we’re told). Oh, and let’s not forget that Jack and Juliet finally decided to let each other know that they really liked each other with a kiss. How sweet.

The flashback of Juliet filled in some story elements rather nicely. I liked how Ben worked to eliminate Goodwin by sending him on a mission he knew he wouldn’t survive ala the King David story in the Bible. In some ways Juliet’s flashback revealed more about Ben than it did about Juliet. I think Locke’s in for a big surprise once he realizes that Ben once again has used him as a pawn.

I still think the new characters are the weak link in this season. I really want to learn more about them and their mission. Maybe next week’s episode will focus on that a little more. Remember, o ye writers of LOST, holding secrets back only works for so long. Sooner or later you have to start coughing up some information or the audience is going to flee.

And, as Marathon Girl pointed out last night, it’s no secret who Ben’s “man on the boat” is. Doesn’t anyone remember Michael? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Michael Dawson