LOST: The Little Prince

Lost: The LittlePrince I was a little bummed to see that Jin was alive. It’s nothing personal. I think he’s a wonderfully engaging, complex character. My worry is that the writers are losing control of the story. Why was Jin able to survive the explosion and end back up in 1988 when Rousseau came to the island? The ship he was on was way outside the time radius of the island. If he’s alive, does that mean Michael’s still alive? And are we going to have three storylines (Jin and Rousseau, the Oceanic Six, and the time shifting island survivors) instead of two? That’s simply going to make the show even more difficult to follow.

The writers have opened a huge can of worms with this. If they don’t have a good explanation for it all, I’ll be very disappointed. I hope they didn’t do it just to make it easy play to get Sun back. That’s what the preview for next week’s episode made it look like anyway. If that’s the only reason then the writers are getting lazy.

And what effect will this have on Sun? She’s become such an extremely resourceful and calculating person since Jin died and I’ve really liked how she’s changed. I worry that bringing Jin back will simply put Sun back into the role she played before he was thought to have died.

The cool thing about Jin being back is that we can finally learn the back story of Danielle Rousseau and what happened to her group. That’s a story I’ve wanted to see for years. I’m hoping her story will shed some light on the numbers, the smoke monster, how Ben ended up with her child, and a few of the other mysterious aspects of the island.


Here’s a LOST conspiracy theory that me and a co-worker were throwing around this morning. Three of the survivors on the island are getting nosebleeds: Charlotte, Miles, and Juliet. According to Faraday, their nosebleeds and sickness correlates to how long they’ve been on the island. We know that Juliet’s been on the island for several years and it’s kind of assumed that Charlotte was born there. Miles however seems very surprised that his nose is bleeding and says he’s only been on the island a short time to which Faraday replies, “Are you sure?” and he says it in such a way that implies that he knows that Miles has been on the island longer than he knows.

Our theory is that Miles is the son of Dr. Pierre Chang. You know, the guy in all the Dharma Initiative videos. He was born on the island but, for whatever reason, left when he was little. (Remember that the first scene in the episode “Because You Left” shows Chang’s wife waking him up and telling was his turn to take care of the kid. The fact he was born on the island (if he’s Chang’s kids) would go a long way in explaining the reason he can apparently sense dead people and why he’s getting the nosebleeds.

What say you?