LOST: The Lie

LOST: The Lie -- Hurley

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I love Hurley-centric episodes because, out of all the main characters in LOST, he’s by far the most interesting. (Sawyer is a close #2.) The writers do a great job of creating an extremely sympathetic but believable character. The guy gets nothing but bag breaks in his life. Yet he’s the one that would be the easiest to put into a clichéd role as some crazy, fat guy. But the writers do their best to make the audience unsure of Hurly is really crazy or not.

They round out Hurley’s character very well mother and father. Again, it would be easy to treat them as instant millionaires who are out of their element. And we see some of that by their home, the way they dress, and the fact that his father puts caviar on his hamburgers. But the writers show that they’re real people with strong family bond. Hurley’s father agrees to protect him from the police and stands up for him when he talks to Jack. Hurley’s mother believes him when Hurley tells her what really happened to the plane.

I was surprised that most people at work didn’t realize who the old lady at the end was. This is probably a sign that I’ve watched past season’s too many times, but she was the old woman who didn’t want Desmond to buy an engagement ring (somewhere back in season 2 or 3). I’m glad they brought her back as she kept popping up in photographs and other places throughout the show. Apparently she and Ben have a little secret that they better share in the next couple episodes. I don’t want those writers dragging out the “we have 70 hours to get everyone together” for the rest of the season.

The folks on the island took a back seat in this episode. The flaming arrows were cool to watch and a brilliant way to think out all the extras that have been taking up space on the beach. (Especially that really annoying Neil guy. Admit it. You cheered when he was engulfed in flames.)

Looking forward to next week’s episode….