LOST: The Constant


Since the last two episodes of LOST were below par, I worried that the show was headed in a downward spiral since it looked like the writers didn’t have a clue how to handle the new characters, flash forwards, and answer some of the questions that piling up.

Thankfully this show put everything back on track. Not only did we get to see more of Desmond and Penny (great characters and a beautiful, complex relationship), but we’re starting to understand what keeps the island hidden from the rest of the world. There’s obviously a time disconnect that makes it invisible to outsides unless they know exactly how to find it. And the show revealed that the island is about two days ahead of the freighter. The unanswered question, of course, is why.

Daniel Faraday, I think is going to become an increasingly important character and is probably the one most likely to help the crash survivors instead of completing their mysterious (and probably deadly) mission. It was nice that Desmond’s flashes included a little more background on this interesting individual. Let’s hope we get some flashbacks on him before too long.

The best part of the show, however, was the ton of clues that were dropped in about 15 seconds at auction where The Black Rock Diary was being auctioned. My ears perked up when the auctioneer said the contents of the diary were unknown except by its owner Alvar Hanso. Sound familiar? Alvar Hanso was the guy that founded The Hanso Foundation which financed the Dharma Initiative. The diary probably holds the secret of how to find the island. And now that Mr. Whitmore owns the diary, I’m willing to bet the freighter in the middle of the ocean is somehow connected to Penny’s father.