LOST: Something Nice Back Home

LOST: Something Nice Back Home

Sometimes I wished I lived on the mysterious island of LOST. Sure, I’d have to put up with a smoke monster, Ben and the rest of the Others, a bunch of crazy plane crash survivors, and mercenaries hell-bent on killing everyone, but the one thing I wouldn’t have to put up with: Snow on the first of May. That’s right. Snowflakes fell yesterday and we had to turn the heat on because it was so darn cold. Where’s that global warming when you really need it? At least on the island I’d be running around in tropical weather. :-)

But on to last night’s episode…

It appears the Island will not go gently into that good night. Maybe it read my last post where I raved about Ben being such a great main character and decided it was time to come back into the picture. Whether it be taking Claire off into the jungle by her father(?!) or letting Miles know where Rousseau and Karl are buried, the Island wants to get back in the game. My gut tells me that despite everything Ben and Charles Widmore are doing to possess the Island, it will not have masters. It is really in control of things.

A little confused about when the Kate and Jack romance begins. I’m assuming it’s after he becomes drunkenly obsessive about getting back to the island. (One site dated the paper Jack was reading as August 31, 2007 but wasn’t sure.) Too bad. I liked the Jack who was totally focused on getting back to the island. I’m sure they’ll find a way back either next season or the final one.

The best part of the episode was the Sawyer/Claire/Miles trek back to the beach. Filled with tension. Now we know why Aaron isn’t with his mother anymore. Of course the question is what happened to her. (I think the island wanted to protect her. But why not Aaron?)

Everything comes back to the mysterious Island. One day it will reveal all of its secrets.