LOST: Meet Kevin Johnson

LOST: Meet Kevin Johnson

My favorite part “Meet Kevin Johnson” was the episode’s irony. It was chalk full or irony. This is what I picked up on:

• In this episode Michael pawns Jin’s watch for a gun and bullets to kill himself. It was this same watch that Jin tried to kill Michael for on the island.

• Michael killed Ana Lucia and Libby (accidently) in order to get Walt back from the Others. In this episode we see that loses his son after he tells Walt what he did.

• Ben says that Charles Widmore doesn’t have a conscious, yet we’ve seen how Ben doesn’t have a problem killing others – including his own father.

• My personal favorite ironic moment was when Sayid turn Michael over to the boat’s captain because Michael is working for Ben. Yet we know in the future, Sayid will be working for Ben and carrying out assignations.

I also thought the song that was playing on the radio when Michael tried to kill himself the first time sounded kind of happy and cheerful but I didn’t recognize the song or pick up on the words. Anyone have any insight to that?

Since a mass slaughter appears to have begun on the island, it makes me wonder how many people actually survive. A few episodes back Hurley was visited by a mysterious man who wanted to know if there were other survivors. Maybe what he was really asking was not who survived the 815 plane crash but the mass killings that took place on the island. Maybe that’s why Kate ended up with Aaron.

And if Rousseau is dead, I’m going to be mighty upset. (Karl on the other hand, I really don’t care much about.) She’s one of my favorite characters even though we don’t know that much about her. And I was really hoping that before the series ended, we’d see a flashback on her to know how she came to the island, how she lost her daughter, etc. Okay we don’t know if she and Karl are really dead but I doubt they’ll be up and walking in the next episode. And thanks to the writer’s strike, we have to wait five weeks to get any sort of answer.