LOST: LeFeur

Lost Four Toed Statue

Before I get into LeFeur, I have to tell Vickie, Ryan, Cassie, and Holli that they were right about last week’s episode and the reason’s Locke tried to hang himself. I watched that scene online yesterday afternoon several times and I reached the same conclusion: Locke hanging himself not because he was depressed but because he felt that it was the only way to bring people back to the island. The whole suicide subject still stirs up powerful emotions in me and I think the first time I saw it, I put too much of my own life history into the scene. I stand corrected.

Now to this week’s episode….

Wasn’t it great?

The most intriguing part of the episode for me took place in the first minute of the show when we saw the back of the giant four-toed statue. He (or she) appears to be holding an ankh – the same symbol that was on Paul’s – the guy who was shot by the Others – necklace. (There’s a decent shot of the statue here.) This has left some to speculate if the giant statue is an Egyptian god. I’m not going to take a position on what the statue is other than it does have characteristics make it seem only part human. I anyone else has insights on the statue, chime in.

The one think I’ve sorely missed from this season’s episodes is the lack of flashbacks. And this episode gave us flashbacks. OK, they’re not the traditional flashbacks where we learn specific background about a character, but it was more of a group flashback about how they made it from point A to Point B. But I loved the way the writers seamlessly weaved the parallel stories and the theme of love and loss together.

We saw how Amy lost her husband to the Others and eventually moved on and remarried Horace. But even then, Horace is insecure whether or not Amy really got over her dead husband. Sawyer, I thought, gave a great speech to Horace about three years being plenty of time to get over someone. (For the record, it is.) I also liked the tender scene on the dock between Juliet and Sawyer. I liked the way he convinced her to stay on the island at least two more weeks and, three years later gives her the encouragement she needs when putting on the doctors’ gloves for the first time in three years.

Yet we know Sawyer still has feelings for Kate which is most likely the reason he didn’t tell Juliet where he was going at the end of the episode. Three years may be enough time to get over someone – but once that person comes back a lot of old feelings come back. It’s going to be interesting to see how the writers handle the Sawyer-Kate-Juliet feelings in the upcoming episodes.

Sadly, we have to wait two weeks to find out.