LOST: Eggtown

LOST: Eggtown

So Kate ends up with Claire’s baby, Aaron. As Hurley would say, “Didn’t see that one coming.” And we spent the entire episode wondering if the baby’s father was Sawyer or Jack.

This is the first episode with flashforwards that I really enjoyed. Sure, the other flashforward episodes have been great but really haven’t answered questions that we have about the characters. Instead, they’ve just deepened the mystery and left viewers scratching their heads in confusion. Kate’s flashforwards didn’t do that.

We know that Kate is wanted for murder and other crimes and has a strained relationship with her mother. And, if she ever left the islands, we all wanted to know if the law would eventually catch up to her. Not only did we get an answer to the legal questions, but we saw that her complex relationship with her mother was still rather strained.

If the writers could do flashforwards like this in every episode instead of using them simply to sew mystery and confusion then I think as a storytelling device, they’d work a lot better.

Unlike some, I have faith that the writers will tie everything together in the end and we’ll see that they’ve woven a wonderfully crafted story. It just sucks that we have a million questions that need to be answered in the meantime.