LOST: Confirmed Dead

LOST: Confirmed Dead

Flashbacks instead of flashforwards in this episode? They were appreciated as we got some background on the new people coming to the island. But switching from flasforwards to flashbacks could become very confusing for views unless the writers take great care in what they’re doing. But so far they’ve done a good job, so I’ll patiently wait to see what happens.

And wasn’t it nice to see the writers start to add some depth to the people that parachuted onto the island? It wasn’t as much information as I would have liked but it’s a start. And we might even get some more background on Naomi in future episodes. I’m crossing my fingers that the writers do a good job with these characters as they have with the other people on the island.

I enjoyed the twist at the end that the group is there for Ben. It makes me think my prediction about them being part of (or at least hired by Dharma Initiative people) is on the right track.

Finally, the best part of the episode was when Locke told Sawyer that Ben had shot him. Sawyer skeptically asked what Locke he was doing walking around if he had been shot. Locke then lifts up his shirt, shows the wound and says “The bullet went through and through. Good thing I didn’t have a kidney or else I’d be dead.”

One of the overarching themes of LOST is that things happen for a reason. I’m guessing Locke isn’t so upset about his father taking his kidney anymore.

Too bad his father’s dead.


Oh, and for fans of LOST, how many of you actually watched the Oceanic Air commercial that aired last week? I didn't but thanks to YouTube, I finally viewed it last week. There's an interesting trail of breadcrumbs that will keep you hooked to your computer for hours. You can watch the commercial below.