LOST: Cabin Fever

LOST: Cabin Fever

Last week, I wrote that that the Island was rearing its head again, supplanting Ben as the main character? And last night episode was about the mysterious Island trying to save itself.

Throughout LOST, most of the survivors have a history of seeing people or things from their past. This episode really confirmed that these dreams and visions the survivors are the Island’s way of communicating with people. Horace appears in Locke’s dream telling him how to find the cabin – although it was really Hurley that saw it first – and then Jack’s father is the one speaking for Jacob. If only future Jack could find a way to talk to his father. Maybe then he wouldn’t turn into a drunken mess and find the island.

One of the themes of LOST from the beginning is that fate or destiny brought many of the survivors to the Island. This episode reinforced that idea. I felt that it should have been Locke, not Ben, the Island really wants running things. Despite Locke’s best efforts – messing up (intentionally?) the test Richard Alpert gave him as a young boy or refusing to go to science camp in Portland as a teen – he can’t escape the Island’s call. (Maybe that explains Ben’s almost timid and mousy behavior. I was so disappointed. He’s so fun to watch when he’s on the warpath.)

And Michael has a destiny too. He just can’t die – no matter who wants to kill him. His mission isn’t over – yet. I’m not sure if he’ll be alive at the end of the series. I’m guessing the Island has some important work he wants Michael to accomplish before the island’s magical protection is gone.

As for Locke saying they had to “move” the island, maybe that’s why the despondent, drunk Jack of the future is so frustrated: The Island’s moved and Jack’s unable to find its new location.