Jon is a God

I need to give a shout out to my friend Jon who picked out the Jeremy Bentham reference in the season finale of LOST last year. In my comments of this entry Jon wrote:

yeah, i bet it’s ben’s funeral. there is a really awesome screengrab of the news clipping in jack’s hand on maybe i need to start watching lost in hd. it shows that the clipping is indeed real and details the death of someone with the first name starting with j and maybe the last name ending with antham. i guess there’s this philosopher from the 16th century named jeremy bantham. that may be another one of ben’s names or something and it would go well with john locke’s philosopher name.

Okay, he didn’t get the funeral right. But he picked up the Jeremy Bantham reference and tied it into Locke – the person in the casket.

Well done, Jon! You are a God! :-)